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Artist : Sing-off Tiktok Songs Part 9 Zoom, Wait A Minute!, Rip Love Vs @eltasya Natasha
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Lirik Sing-off Tiktok Songs Part 9 Zoom, Wait A Minute!, Rip Love Vs @eltasya Natasha

DJ Gimi-O - Habibi (Albanian Remix)
ty ta fala jetën time
vetëm ty t’kam habibi

ty ta fala jetën time (ta fala; tyve)
vetëm ty t’kam habibi (habibi)

Cool for the Summer - Demi Lovato
Got my mind on your body and your body on my mind
Got a taste for the cherry, I just need to take a bite.

Dynasty - MIIA
It all fell down, it all fell down, it all fell down

Unstoppable - Sia
I put my armor on, show you how strong how I am.
I put my armor on, I'll show you that I am

Ciao Adios - Anne-Marie
I'm onto you, yeah, you
I'm not your number one
I saw you, with her
Ciao, adios, I'm done

Bobo - Aya Nakamura
I'm done, Chéri coco, fais moi mmh, mmh

Angel Baby - Troye Sivan
Yeah you're my angel

As It Was - Harry Styles
I know it's not the same as it was

I want, yeah. Someone who love me

All Around the World (La La La) - A Touch of Class
La la la la la, it goes around the world

Let Me Down Slowly - Alec Benjamin
If you wanna go then I'll be so lonely
If you're leavin', baby, let me down slowly

Somewhere Only We Know - Keane
So why don't we go somewhere only we know

everything i wanted - Billie Eilish
I tried to scream but my head is underwater

Hati-Hati di Jalan - Tulus
Kukira kita akan bersama

Tongkrongan Kami Sopan - Brother PBSU 275 S.k.u
(bukan tongkrongan pecundang)
sampe bawah

I really like to party I really like your body
I really wanna get naughty

Side to Side - Ariana Grande
Got me walking side to side, side to side

Dandelions - Ruth B.
'Cause I'm in a field of dandelions
Wishing on every one that you'll be mine

Love Dive - Ive
Sum chamgo Love Dive

Ievan Polkka - Loituma
Nuapurista kuulu se polokan tahti jalakani pohjii kutkutti

See Tình - Hoang Thuy Linh
Uây uây uây uây
Sao mới gặp lần đầu mà đầu mình quay quay

We Found Love - Rihanna
Aaaa, it's the way I'm feeling I just can't deny

Ice On My Baby - Yung Bleu
I just put some ice on my baby

ZOOM - Jessi
I see you lookin' at my P-I-C

Rover (Mu la la) - S1MBA ft. DTG
With her bredrins cuz she saw a young brother pull up in a rover

ZOOM - Jessi
Zoom in (uhuh) Zoom out (Ok!)
Zoom in (uhuh) Zoom out (Ok!)

GAL - Panxi
Garyu Jjang Yeppeuda Gati nollae. Yeppeun aega joha

Wait a Minute! - Willow Smith
wait a minute
I think I left my consciousness in the 6th dimension
But I'm here right now, right now
Just sitting in a cloud, oh wow
I'm here right now, Right now

RIP, Love - Faouzia
Man down, man down
Oh, another one down for me

Said you'd die for love
But I never loved you, sorry

So long, you're gone
It hurts to see

Said you'd die for us
So now R.I.P. love


RIP Love

Lo-re-lo-re-lo-re-lo-re RIP Love